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Our Services


We provide coaching to entrepreneurs and enterprises to think like an Islamic Social Entrepreneur


We help our clients to find investors, whether its for a start up or an existing enterprise.


We provide consultancy to entrepreneurs and enterprises to think like Islamic Social Entrepreneur


We can be engaged to execute customized research for our clients.


We provide set or customized training for those who want to think like an Islamic Social Entrepreneur


We customize educational curriculum for our clients and educational institutions.

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What our clients say

Excellent organization which goes out of its way to achieve all the tasks contracted and delivers its goals. 

Indoor close-up portrait of a smiling handsome bearded middle-aged man in glasses and black shirt, leaning with his shoulder on white wall and looking at camera with friendly face, standing in office
Doe Johnson

As a Business Strategist, I was looking for people who understood my organisation’s problems and what we were looking to achieve. This organisation did the job very well.

Cropped portrait of an attractive young businesswoman sitting alone in her office during the day
Joe Smith
Business Strategist

Highly recommended.

Indian, corporate, adult, woman, office, young adult,
Angela Stevenson

Dr. Thamina Anwar and I were speakers at a Social Enterprise conference in Scotland, United Kingdom. From there we kept in touch and her organization did a few projects for us to help clients to transform and become Social Enterprise. I would highly recommend this organization. 

Portrait of a confident mature businesswoman working in a modern office
Mary Ann Johnson

Highly Recommended.

Portrait young confident smart Asian businessman look at camera and smile
James Chao

As a CEO, I was looking for people who can communicate well, have great skills and deliver in time. I found all that in this organization and more. 

Portrait of a confident mature businessman working in a modern office
David Parker

Fantastic organization. Great communication.

Cropped portrait of a handsome young businessman using a digital tablet while standing in modern office
Rakish Krishnan

How do we spend our day?

We devote 300% of our time for our customers to ensure they have the know how  and tools to run their social enterprise according to their goals.

Coaching / Training
Customer Focus
Common Good (Social)
Profit Oriented

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