Trade Not Riba dot Com Logo

Logo as part of Branding

I have been trying out many types of logos, getting them designed by others including my 13 year old daughter. I even had to reject my daughter’s beautiful design at the end, when I went back to my original logo as I wanted a unique and simple logo. So here you go my dear beloved followers and wanna be Islamic Social Entrepreneurs – this is the moment of unveiling the official logo of Trade Not Riba dot Com.

The message in the Trade Not Riba dot Com logo is the interconnectivity of many platforms and activities. This is what the 2 squares represent in the blue and white colour. I also like the contrast in colour.

The logics behind the whole idea of a logo is to communicate with the viewer and create something that resonates and is memorable. I always say that the user experience should reflect 2 main ingredients : 1). Simple and 2). unique. There as an Islamic Social Entrepreneur when you design a logo it needs to define who you are as a practice. I have summarized 5 ways to design and achieve a great logo that will stand the test of time.

1. Simple
I must stress this – Your logo needs to be easily identifiable at a glance. Allow for changes of size and colour. Good logos deliver something unexpected and are unique without being complicated.

Principle one to design a logo – Simplicity


2. Unique 
An effective logo should be memorable and that can only be achieve if it is unique Keep it simple and appropriate to the nature of the social enterprise.

Principle two to design a logo – Unique


3. Timeless
An effective logo should be timeless and should avoid trends. It should last the test of time. How will your logo look in 10 years time?


Principle three to design a logo – Timeless


4. Versatile
A good logo can be used in a variety of sizes and colours. Your logo should have the versatility to appear on collateral for a pen to a plane. This dramatic physical scale in usage demonstrates how an identity needs to work across a wide scope of collateral.

Principle four to design a logo – Versatile


5. Appropriate
A professional logo should be fit for purpose. The logo should be appropriate for the intended audience.

Principle five to design a logo – Appropriate


Signing off ,

Dr. Thamina Anwar