This is the story behind  Trade Not Riba, which was founded by Dr. Thamina Anwar.

While pursuing her Masters in Islamic Finance, she was not convinced with the Islamic Finance concepts available in the market – that they were inclusive of all and would solve societal issues faced by people at this current point of time. Hence she decided to come up with her own economic model and there was only one way to that –  pursuing a doctorate degree. Reluctantly  she enrolled on a PhD program because  she had just given birth to her son. However as she is incredibly goal focused, she managed her time well , spending  hours slaving day and night,  researching the Quran, hadith and sunnah to find solutions to economic problems from an Islamic view point. She also studied materials from ancient Islamic scholars. As part of her PhD goals, Dr. Anwar  interviewed and collected information from Western and Muslim entrepreneurs who were focused on doing good for communities. 

Once Dr. Anwar completed her PhD, she wrote a book and soon after that registered Trade Not Riba as a company, with its head-quarters in Auckland New Zealand. She has many social entrepreneurs following her model globally.  

 So why is entrepreneurship so important?