Social investment – approaches focussed on inclusive economic growth

DATE: 14 September 2018
TIME: 1145-1300 (UK time)
VENUE: EICC, The Exchange, Edinburgh, EH3 8EE
ROOM: Tinto

 CHAIR: Abbie Rumbold, Bates Wells Braithwaite (UK)


  • Nicola Steuer, School for Social Entrepreneurs (UK)
  • Thamina Anwar, Trade Not Riba (New Zealand)
  • Adrian Appo, First Australians Capital (Australia)
  • Alastair Davis, Social Investment Scotland
  • Nigel Kershaw, Big Issue Invest (UK)

All my fellow speakers are the best of the best, cream of the cream. They all have founded and run multi-million dollar social investment funds. I have already had conference call with them and I was so surprised that nearly all of them have read up on my models – one of them was even using my terminologies.

I feel very humbled that the organisers of SEWF 2018 invited me to speak at this world forum.  I hope that I will have lasting relationship with my fellow speakers and even form partnership. I definitely am focusing on Abbie Rumbold to see if I can partner with her or even get her as my mentor, especially in terms of being a “strategist” for Trade Not Riba dot Com. She has such an amazing experience in the areas of social enterprise.  As a lawyer, she was seconded to the UK government to work on the legislation and drafted the model constitutions. She was a member of the CLA working party on the Companies Acts and, by UK government ministerial appointment, a member of the Office of the Third Sector Advisory Board. She was chair of trustees of PayPal Giving Fund UK (which operates eBay for Charity) and a trustee of the Fawcett Society which campaigns for the rights of women. Abbie has particular expertise in the delivery of public services, providing strategic and legal advice to public bodies on when, whether and how to use alternative delivery models to ensure needs are met, improve outcomes and reduce subsidy. She is recommended by Legal 500 and Chambers both for her work in the charity and social enterprise sector. She has an MA in Economics from the University of Cambridge and later trained as a lawyer.

United Kingdom has invested billions in social investment. The UK government wants to lead in the areas of social enterprise, social investment and off-course Scotland is pioneering in the forefront. Now the UK wants to export its ideas, concepts, etc, globally. I really don’t mind partnering with the UK – after all I am British educated and London was my former home where nearly most of my teenage life was spent.  

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