We are expanding globally

Trade Not Riba dot Com has the vision to expand globally.

Currently, we are looking for partners who can take our concepts and models to the next level up. We are looking for partners who have enormous contacts and at respected leadership positions either academically or in communities.  If you feel that you would like to join the team and can contribute towards Trade Not Riba dot Com, please  ‘Contact Us‘.

Gradually, we will also be looking for Researchers, Consultants and Trainers who are deep thinkers and bold enough to want to make a change from the current capitalistic way of conducting business and finances, within the teachings of Islam.

Our areas of specialization are (but not limited to the following): Islamic Social Entrepreneurship, Islamic Finance, Social Innovation.

We are looking for candidates with:

  • Minimum Masters level from a highly reputable international university.
  • Must have a good understanding of Islamic theology and respect all the four madhhabs (Islamic school of thoughts).
  • Must be have the ability to research on past Islamic economic scholars.
  • Need a deep understanding of Quran, sunnah and hadith in order to connect the dots and come up with solutions for the ummah (community). Additionally, would prefer someone with a basic (bachelors) degree in engineering. This is because engineers have very analytical mindset and can come up with solutions.
  • Good presentation and writing skills with good track record of published articles/books.
  • Must be people oriented, self-organisational skills, self-motivational skills and good time management skills.
  • Flexibility to travel.
  • Must be tech-savvy and ability to have virtual meetings.
  • It would be a great advantage for the candidate to be able to read and write Arabic, especially classical Arabic.

If you feel that you would like to join the team and have the necessary qualification, skills and experience, please  ‘Contact Us‘.