@ Trade Not Riba dot Com, our aim is to offer extensive and committed services to our clients. We are not just competent with theory but also in  the implementation of the knowledge into practice. We work very closely with social enterprises, businesses and waqf organisations.

We are increasing our capabilities as we grow in size. However, at the present time, we have the know-how and capability to provide consultancy in the following areas:


  • Islamic Social Entrepreneurship / Social Entrepreneurship;
  • Islamic Economics/Finance;
  • Alternative Finance;
  • Social Innovation;
  • Community Empowerment;
  • Waqf (endowment) investment and management strategy;
  • Islamic Micro-finance and Micro-business investment and management strategy;
  • Non-profit and for-profit  investment and management strategy;
  • Halal market strategy;
  • Private Islamic Wealth Investment and Management;
  • Curriculum Development;
  • Education Management.


We are able to deliver our consultancy service globally. With time, we intend to increase our consultancy offerings – so please watch this space.