Glasgow Caledonian University: The University for the Common Good

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SEWF ACADEMIC SYMPOSIUM : ADVANCING SOCIAL ENTERPRISE RESEARCH, TEACHING AND ENGAGEMENT My first of 2 speaking role starts on the 10th of September 2018, when I present a paper on “ Financial Inclusion of Marginalised People, Islamic Social Entrepreneurship and the Potentials of the Waqf-ISE Model” at the University of Glasgow. Here are the details […]

Social investment – approaches focussed on inclusive economic growth

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Details of my Plenary session at the SEWF 2018 in Scotland: Please Note: All 1000 tickets were sold out 2 months ago – so there is no opportunity to attend anymore. Date: 14th of September Time: 11:45-13:00 PLENARY Social investment – approaches focussed on inclusive economic growth Chair: Abbie Rumbold, Bates Wells Braithwaite (UK) Speakers: […]

Islamic Social Entrepreneurship

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It is vital to boost the growth of the awqāf sector, particularly since history highlights that this sector was pivotal in providing a platform for socio-economic development. Currently, only 2% of the total old awqāf properties have been developed, whereas the rest of the 98% of assets are still unutilised due to lack of funds. […]

Waqf a vehicle for Islamic Social Entrepreneurship lecture in Doha, Qatar – 26th of March 2018

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Assalam Alaikum (Greetings of peace), Qatar is leading the way in terms of Green entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in general. I am extremely honoured to have been invited to Doha by the Qatari government and Hamad bin Khalifa university. It will be a very busy time for me and my time has been scheduled as follows: […]

Proposal for Nigeria

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Assalam Alaikum (Greetings of Peace) Nigeria, Alhamdullilah (Praise be to God) Trade Not Riba dot Com has completed the Proposal for the implementation of the waqf-ISE model in Nigeria (Cash-waqf designed for the common-good and focused on community empowerment). Nigeria – you are the leading producer of oil in the world. There should be zero […]

My submission to AAOIFI’s Shari’ah Board

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22nd of December 2017 To The AAOIFI’s Shari’ah Board Sent via email:   Assalamu Alaikum to respected members of the AAOIFI’s Shari’ah Board, My name is Dr. Thamina Anwar. I am the author of “Waqf (Endowment): A Vehicle for Islamic Social Entrepreneurship published by IBFIM (Islamic Banking & Finance Institute Malaysia)”. I am also one of […]