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My first of 2 speaking role starts on the 10th of September 2018, when I present a paper on “ Financial Inclusion of Marginalised People, Islamic Social Entrepreneurship and the Potentials of the Waqf-ISE Model” at the University of Glasgow.

Here are the details of the other speakers:

Islamic Social Entrepreneurship is not just a text-book theory which I created through my PhD research, it is being implemented globally. Although, Islamic Social Entrepreneurship is 100% based on Islam, it is designed for the benefit of both the Muslims and non-Muslims. There is no room for racism in Islam and when it comes to humanity – it has to be for the good of all – both Muslims and non-Muslims.

I am extremely grateful to my creator and to the organisers of SEWF 2018 for giving me such an amazing opportunity. All the speakers are pioneering and the best of the best.

The next few days will be very pressured. My last speaking role ends on Friday in Edinburgh. The last one will be most high powered as it is a panel debate with the “who of who” in the social enterprise world.

The United Kingdom is leading in the area of Social Enterprise. The British government is pouring huge amount of money in this area. They also are exporting their concepts to the world.

In sha Allah (God willing), I will be debating with some of the policy makers from the UK government and off-course I will be pushing my models of Islamic Social Entrepreneurship and waqf.

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